What is mizuna good for

onlyfoods.netMizuna is rich in vitamin A, which is a very important nutrient for improving eye health. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin. Each cup of mizuna provides 118% of the daily recommended value of vitamin A. Deficiency of vitamin A leads to night blindness, hazy vision, dry eyes, and even blindness. Mizuna is also a good source of lutein.

What is Mizuna Green?

Mizuna is a green closely related to mustard greens and other Brassica vegetables, including broccoli, cabbage and turnip. This green is nutrient-dense, rich in antioxidants, and high in vitamins K, A and C. It has been linked to a decreased risk of cancer, improved immune health and blood clotting, better eye health, and stronger bones.

Is Mizuna good for You?

Mizuna is a leafy green that’s low in calories but high in several important vitamins and antioxidants. It may provide several health benefits, such as improved bone, immune, and eye health — and even anticancer effects. While your local farmer’s market may carry it, you can also find it at Asian grocery stores.

What is a good substitute for Mizuna?

If you’re having trouble finding it, arugula salad or young mustard greens work as suitable mizuna substitutes and offer a similar nutrient profile and comparable taste. You can also try growing it on your own.

What does Mizuna taste like?

It has lobed green leaves and a pleasant bitter taste. Mizuna is a close relative to the turnip, but has a flavor all its own. Ridiculously easy to grow, it re-grows well when harvested as a cut-and-come-again green.

What are Mizuna Greens?

Mizuna (ミズナ(水菜), “water greens”), qian jing shui cai, kyona, Japanese mustard greens, or spider mustard, is a cultivated crop plant from the species Brassica rapa var.

What does Mizuna mean in Japanese?

Also known as Japanese mustard greens, Spider mustard, Kyona, Qian Jing Shui Cai, and California peppergrass, Mizuna is a fast-growing winter green and its name in Japanese means “water greens” after the flooded fields in which they grow.

What is the scientific name for Mizuna?

Mizuna is a plant that goes by many names, including spider mustard, Japanese mustard greens, water greens, kyona or its scientific name, Brassica juncea var. japonica.

What to do with Mizuna?

As a salad green mizuna can be steamed, boiled, stir-fried or used to complement other greens mixed together for a salad, especially Red Asian Mustard greens. When cooked it shrinks to about half its size so it takes a large amount to make a cooked vegetable dish containing only mizuna.