What is patient journey

What is a patient journey? Simply put, a patient journey is a collection of patient’s experience throughout the healthcare system. It describes the full path a patient takes, from the first symptoms all the way to the point where the treatment ends.

What is patient journey mapping?

Patient journey mapping – also called healthcare process mapping – is an exercise that healthcare leaders use to better understand how patients interact with a hospital or health system throughout their care journey.

What is the objective of patient journey?

Your objective must be to make each step of the patient journey as pleasant as possible, allowing the patient access to all of the information needed to help them make an informed decision. Typically, the patient journey begins with the patient identifying his or her health issues and taking the decision to address them.

Why do pharma companies need patient journey?

Once you start thinking about patient journeys, it quickly becomes evident that they benefit all of the involved stakeholders. Primarily, pharma brands will be able to effectively improve patient outcomes as they will be informed about patients’ opinions through patient empowerment programs.

What is a patient journey map?

Patient journey maps are broadly applicable across many clinical areas, and work well in both acute and chronic cases. While the details of every patient journey differ by disease state, most follow a pattern of similar stages. Patient journeys always begin with a trigger, which is typically the onset and recognition of symptoms.

What is a patient journey mapping exercise?

No single article can provide comprehensive direction on conducting a patient journey mapping exercise, but this introduction can help set your feet on the right path with a few tips. First, start small. Most journey maps begin with qualitative exploration, where sample size and representativeness matter less.

What is the best method for patient journey mapping?

In our experience, the best qualitative methods for patient journey mapping are immersive and detail-rich. Techniques like in-depth interviews and ethnographic observation are highly effective at eliciting patient stories, either through direct observation or deep, probing questions.

What is healthcare process mapping?

Healthcare process mapping is a new and important form of clinical audit that examines how we manage the patient journey, using the patient’s perspective to identify problems and suggest improvements. 1 2 We outline the steps involved in mapping the patient’s journey,…