What kind of mattress is best for side sleepers

These are the 10 best mattresses for side sleepers:

  • Best for Pressure Relief: Puffy Lux Mattress
  • Most Luxurious: Saatva Classic Mattress
  • Best Value: Nectar Mattress
  • Best for Couples: Helix Midnight Mattress
  • Most Durable: DreamCloud Mattress
  • Best Flippable Mattress: Layla Mattress
  • Best for Hot Sleepers: Bear Mattress
  • Best for Back Pain: Nolah Original Mattress
  • Best Memory Foam: Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress

How firm should a mattress be for a side sleeper?

Note: Side sleepers should consider all types of mattresses with a soft to medium firmness somewhere between 3 to 6 on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 is the firmest). And, consider starting with a 2 to 4 inch soft top comfort layer.

Is memory foam mattress good for side sleepers?

Memory foam mattresses are especially advantageous for side sleeping compared to innerspring models due to the ability of the foam to contour to your body and provide support and alignment to the spine.

What is the best mattress for sleeping cool?

Mattress Layer Composition Warranty
Dreamfoam EuroTop Latex Mattress Read Our Review Quality Eurotop cover with biodegradable bamboo fibers. 3” of Talalay latex 8 inch high-density foam base 10 years
PangeaBed Copper Mattress Read Our Review 5/8th inch quality quilted cover 1.5” of 100 percent pure Talalay latex 1.5” Phase Change Gel Infused Memory Foam 7 inch solid core high-density foam base 10 years
Dromma Bed Mattress Read Our Review Dunlop Latex Comfort Layer Visco Elastic Gel Foam Comfort Layer Poly Memory Foam Base 12 years
GhostBed Mattress Read Our Review Latex Gel Memory Foam GhostBed’s Polyfoam Base 20 year warranty

Which mattress is best for Your Sleep style?

Why it works: If you’re a stomach sleeper, your mattress’s level of firmness is the most important factor to consider. While memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring mattresses all work for this sleep style, a firm mattress will keep the back from arching and prevent pain and stiffness in the morning.

Do side sleeper mattresses really help?

Many people believe that hard and firm mattresses offer the best support, but that isn’t true in the case of side sleepers. The people who favor this posture need a medium to soft firmness because pressure tends to concentrate on their hips and shoulders. Shoulder pain for a side sleeper means that their mattress is too firm.

What type of mattress is best for side sleepers?

What type of mattress is best for side sleepers? Material: Memory foam and hybrid mattresses are ideal for side sleepers because they offer pressure relief, whereas innerspring mattresses are usually more firm.

Should side sleepers choose soft mattresses?

When it comes to back sleepers, on the other hand, they do benefit from a more firm mattress, because their body weight is more uniformly distributed across the bed. The other myth I’ve often come across says that side sleepers should choose extremely soft mattresses. That is also not true!

Should firmness be on a mattress?

Firmness: Side sleepers should opt for mattress with soft or medium firmness because there needs to be pressure relief around the heavier points of your body. If it’s too firm, you’ll be putting pressure on these points and will likely wake up with pain.