What makes ear wax black

Causes of black earwax

  • Buildup of earwax. Dark or black earwax may be a sign of earwax that’s been hanging around in your ear canals for a while.
  • Foreign objects. Hearing aids and in-ear headphones, also known as “earbuds,” can push earwax back into the ear canal.
  • Compacted earwax.
  • Sex and age.

What is black earwax?

Black earwax can sometimes appear, but it is usually the result of an excessive buildup of earwax and is rarely a cause for concern. Earwax protects the ear canal from things that may enter it, including: Several glands in the outer part of the ear produce earwax, which is sometimes called cerumen.

What does it mean if you have black ear wax?

Black earwax may be an indication you have a wax buildup. Your ears may not naturally clean themselves the way they should. Black earwax may also be the result of something you’re doing, such as using foreign objects to “clean” your ears. Talk with your doctor if you’re concerned about the color, texture,…

What causes black wax in ears?

The causes of black earwax may include wax buildup and compression. People can usually treat it using home remedies, such as ear irrigation.

Can black earwax cause hearing loss?

Over time, compacted earwax can lead to pain, discomfort, and hearing loss. Earwax can turn dark, even black, too. If you’ve had a problem with earwax buildup or black earwax in the past, your doctor may recommend that you begin using medications that can reduce wax buildup.

What causes really dark ear wax?

Dark colored ear wax is the excess stuckup, impacted ear wax in the ear. Poor hygiene maybe one of the causes of dark colored ear wax. Dark colored ear wax may also be attributed to the use of cotton swabs or any sharp pointed objects in removing the earwax.

Why is my ear not producing wax?

Contact Dermatitis. Another common cause of dry ears is a skin condition known as contact dermatitis. Substances may enter the ear canal and either irritate the skin or cause a localized allergic reaction. The inflamed skin is therefore unable to produce sufficient wax as normal and becomes dry.

What is earwax says about your health?

Earwax, or cerumen, is a normal, naturally occurring substance that helps your ear stay healthy. Earwax helps to prevent debris, dirt, and other things from entering the ear canal, and also helps to prevent infection.

Is dark earwax bad?

The darker in color it is, the more likely you are to have a chemical in your sweat that’s linked to your ability to produce body odor. People with darker earwax have a tendency to produce more body odor than people with lighter wax. However, both varieties are perfectly healthy.