What to do after getting food poisoning

What to Eat (and Drink) after Food Poisoning

  • First, allow your stomach to settle for a few hours after the majority of the symptoms pass.
  • Hydrate with ice chips and small sips of water.
  • Add liquids slowly.
  • Bland food is gentle on your stomach.
  • Brush your teeth to get rid not only the taste of vomit but to remove the stomach acid that sticks to your enamel.
  • Rest as much as you can.

What can you eat when recovering from food poisoning?

Even if you are very hungry after a short bout of food poisoning, it is better to ease back into eating heavy foods. Try a small serving of apple, banana, or pear. If fruit is not appealing, you can eat boiled rice, dry toast, or light broth.

What foods can you introduce after food poisoning?

Taking probiotics after food poisoning can hasten the recovery time and prevent damage to the digestive system. Foods rich in probiotics include yogurt, kefir, and sauerkraut. When taken consistently, probiotics produce high levels of immunity.

What to eat and drink after food poisoning to treat symptoms?

Foods that are gentle on the stomach include: bananas cereal egg whites honey Jell-O oatmeal peanut butter plain potatoes, including mashed potatoes rice saltines toast applesauce

What is the best remedy for food poisoning?

Ginger is one of the best food poisoning home remedies for all type of digestive problems. Take one teaspoon of grated ginger and boil in one cup of water for 3-4 minutes. Take a few drops of ginger juice and mix with one teaspoon of honey. You can also eat raw ginger to get fast relief.

How do you recover from food poisoning?

Most people with food poisoning can recover at home by resting, staying hydrated and eating foods that are gentle on the stomach. Some of these food items are BRAT diet, probiotics, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, honey, etc.

What to eat and drink after food poisoning?

What to Eat (and Drink) after Food Poisoning. 1. Ginger Tea. With its antibacterial components, ginger fights pathogens affecting your body and soothes the stomach. 2. Apple Cider Vinegar. 3. Activated Charcoal.

What can you eat when you have food poisoning?

What to Eat (and Drink) after Food Poisoning

  • Ginger Tea.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • Activated Charcoal.
  • What to eat after vomiting?

    Once a person starts feeling better and they are no longer vomiting, they may wish to start reintroducing foods that will restore their energy. Bananas and toast are easy-to-digest foods. When a person reintroduces food after a bout of food poisoning, the goal is to eat foods that are easy to digest.