What to do if coffee hurts your stomach

Acidic: Coffee is acidic and in some people this causes stomach pain. Try putting some creamer in it to cut down on the acid and see if that helps. Also limiting coffee to one to two cups a day may help if you are drinking a lot of coffee.

Does coffee hurt your stomach?

But some people find that coffee hurts their stomachs. There are a lot of brands of coffee that are promoted as being lower in acid and good for people with sensitive stomachs. For example, Trücup coffee recently sent me some samples of their low acid coffee to try.

How to avoid stomach pain from coffee?

How to Avoid Stomach Pain from Coffee. Choose low acid beans You can choose naturally low acid beans, or specially processed beans such as Puroast, HealthWise, Folgers Simply Smooth, or Hevla. Drink decaf If you like just the taste of coffee, and you don’t care about caffeine content, decaf is just the right choice.

What happens if you drink coffee on an empty stomach?

If you drink coffee on an empty stomach, you’re bound to have tummy trouble. The natural laxative effects won’t feel good. Your stomach will probably over-produce acids. It’s just not a good time. And here’s the thing… this can happen to anyone. Even if coffee’s caffeine never seems to impact you. Even if you have zero acid sensitivity.

Why do you need to eat with coffee?

Your stomach produces acid in order to digest food, so you need to have food when HCL is produced in your stomach. If there is no food, the acid will affect your stomach lining. This is the reason you need to eat with your coffee, even if it’s just a little breakfast.

Why does coffee make your stomach feel better?

“Drinking it very slowly with small sips can make it easier on your stomach,” Dr. Ali said. Additionally, coffee “increases the acidity in the stomach,” which can cause a stomach ache-especially for people with acid reflux or acidity, explained Dr. Ali.

Can coffee destroy your intestines and stomach?

Coffee contains many acids, oils and chemical compounds like caffeine that can harm your stomach and intestines by irritating their linings . When you drink coffee your stomach increases gastric secretions of hydrochloric acid (HCl) in reaction to these oils and acids.

Why does caffeine upset a person’s stomach?

The likely culprit is energy drinks’ high doses of caffeine, which increases the production of acid in the stomach. Extra acid results in heartburn and irritates the lining of your stomach and gut. The concentrated doses of caffeine in energy drinks can overwhelm your digestive tract.

What would coffee be gentle on my stomach?

Cold Brew is Gentle on Your Stomach. Cold brew has 50 to 70 percent less acidity. Cold brew is different from any other hot brewing method, and the flavor profile is quite different. Coffee steeped at low temperatures retains delicate flavors that are lost when making regular coffee.