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  • 22 Best Things to Do in Newark, Delaware

  • White Clay Creek State Park
  • Glasgow Regional Park
  • Hale-Byrnes House
  • Newark Reservoir
  • REP Theatre, University of Delaware
  • Bob Carpenter Center, Newark, Delaware
  • Iron Hill Park, Newark, Delaware
  • Aunt Margaret’s Antique Mall
  • Fred Rust Ice Arena, Newark, Delaware
  • Midnight Oil Brewing Company
  • What are the best neighborhoods in Newark DE?

    Here are the best neighborhoods in Newark for 2019: North Ironbound (Homes) Lower Vailsburg (Homes) South Ironbound (Homes) Upper Roseville (Homes) Forest Hill (Homes) North Broadway (Homes) Upper Vailsburg (Homes)

    What to do with the kids in Newark?

    If it’s art and culture that you want to spend the day exploring, then Newark has that too! Hunterdon Museum of Art and Montclair Art Museum are great places for kids to be introduced to the art world! Those creative kids will love the Newark Museum where they can really express their creativity.

    What are some tourist attractions in Delaware?

    Major attractions include the Delaware Children’s Museum, Frawley Stadium, the Chase Center, City Theater Company, Penn Cinema IMAX, Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park, OperaDelaware, Riverwalk Mini Golf, the Wilmington Riverboat Queen, and much more.

    What are some places of interest in Delaware?

    State Parks. There’s plenty to do in Delaware’s natural spaces, including hiking, biking, boating, fishing and rock climbing. Grab your camping gear and head to Lums Pond, Killens Pond, Cape Henlopen, Delaware Seashore or Trap Pond state parks for a weekend in nature. You can even rent a cabin at Killens or Trap Pond, or a yurt at Lums or Trap Pond.

    Is Newark, NJ a bad place?

    Newark isn’t all bad it has a few highlights. Such as the diversity its so diverse you will be able to learn about so many cultures and actually enjoy them. Lastly, Newark acknowledged injustice blacks go through and stood together to make a change by protesting.

    What towns are near Newark DE?

    Distance from Newark, DE to Nearby Cities. The distance from Newark center to the nearest city Bear is 8.6 miles or 13.8 kilometers away. The nearest town Brookside is 2.3 miles or 3.8 kilometers away. The nearest major city Dover is 45.3 miles or 72.8 kilometers away. Newark is also near the Pennsylvania state border;

    What is it like to live in Newark New Jersey?

    From dense urban areas like Newark and Jersey City to green countrysides and charming villas, New Jersey offers diverse places to live. Families flock to the Jersey Shore during warm summer months while many outdoor lovers venture to the Skylands for hiking, hunting and camping.