What to do when you run out of contact solution

If you run out of contact solution, go and get more. Don’t use plain water. Even bottled water can have microorganisms that can cause eye infections and permanent vision damage. Using contact solution and following the proper protocol for cleaning your contacts will help you to protect your eyes and your vision.

What can you use instead of contact solution?

There is something you can use instead of contact solution when you run out of it. The alternatives are saline solution, distilled water and salt water. Like contact lenses solution, the saline solution is also a disinfectant solution and will not cause damage to contact lenses.

What to do if you forgot contact solution?

If you have run out of contact lens solution or you forgot contact solution for your soft contact lenses, you have these options: You can use the previous day’s solution as an alternative You can use regular saline solution if you have some (do not make your own saline)

How do you make your own contact solution?

How to Make Contact Solution by Yourself. 1. Get Some Distilled Water. Generally used for topping up car batteries and steam irons, distilled water is easily available in hardware stores, supermarkets or auto centers. Distilled water is sterile and is therefore safe to use for contact lens solution.

Should I run out of contact solution?

The manufacturer of your contact lenses may also have recommendations regarding contact solutions. Always follow the instructions that accompany the solution you purchase. Different types of solution require different cleaning procedures. If you run out of contact solution, go and get more. Don’t use plain water.

What is the alternative to contact solution?

Alternative to Contact Lens Solution 1 Saline Solution. Saline solution, which is a saltwater solution sold in pressurized cans… 2 Distilled Water. Just because contact lens solution is clear in color does not mean… 3 Salt Water. You are at risk for becoming infected with acanthamoeba keratitis if you use any type…

Can you use saline solution for contacts?

Saline solution is essentially only sodium combined with water, but it is sterile and usually stored under pressure, so it can clean surface smudges from contact lenses. Although it is not recommended to store contact lenses in saline solution every day, if you need to take your contact lenses out,…

What does contact solution do to slime?

There are a number of different slime activators you can use to “transform” your glue mixture into slime. Contact lens solution is our favorite activator. You can also replace this for saline solution, but just make sure that that they contain boric acid and sodium borate.

What can I use to clean my contacts?

1. Saline. Store-bought saline has been disinfected, which suggests it’s more secure to use on your contacts than plain faucet water. You can use the saline to clean and store your contacts, though its cleaning properties will not be as noticable as in enzymatic lens cleaners.