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  • 15 Best Things to Do in Dover (Kent, England):
    • 1. White Cliffs. Source: John Hemmings / shutterstock The White Cliffs of Dover, Kent.
    • 2. Dover Castle.
    • 3. Fan Bay Deep Shelter.
    • 4. St Margaret’s Bay.
    • 5. South Foreland Lighthouse.

    What to do in Dover?

    Things to do in Dover. A big event or a fun festival is usually just around the corner in Dover, which hosts some of the biggest get-togethers in Delaware, including NASCAR races at Dover International Speedway and Firefly Music Festival.

    What to see in Dover NH?

    The top attractions to visit in Dover are: Children’s Museum of New Hampshire. Woodman Institute Museum. Bellamy River Wildlife Management Area. Hilton Park. St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church. See all attractions in Dover on Tripadvisor.

    What to see in Dover Castle?

    Consisting of numerous ditches and forts stretching along the coast from Dover Castle, it features a number of important strong points that can still be seen today, including the massive Drop Redoubt and the Citadel, as can the dry moats that joined them (guided tours of the redoubt are available).

    What are the best attractions in Dover?

    Dover Museum 7. St Margaret’s Bay Beach 8. The Grand Shaft 9. Western Heights 10. P&O Ferries – Day Trips What are the top attractions to visit in Dover? What are the best outdoor activities in Dover? What are the best day trips from Dover? What are the most popular things to do in Dover with kids?

    What to do in Dover Vermont?

    Things to Do in Dover. 1 1. Timber Creek Cross Country Ski Area. 6 reviews Sights & Landmarks. 2 2. Skyline Overlook. 3 3. Southern Vermont Natural History Museum. 4 4. Dover Town Park. 5 5. Honora Winery & Vineyard. More items

    What to see and do in Dover?

    1. Air Mobility Command Museum 2. Dover International Speedway 3. John Dickinson Plantation 4. Johnson Victrola Museum 5. Dover Downs Casino 6. Old State House 7. Biggs Museum of American Art 8. First State Heritage Park 9. Firefly Music Festival 10. Spence’s Bazaar

    What are the best places to visit in Dover?

    1. Fort Donelson National Battlefield 2. Fort Donelson National Cemetery 3. Surrender House – Dover Hotel 4. Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge 5. Bumfuzzled Games 6. Treasures On The Trace What are the top attractions to visit in Dover?

    What to do in Dover California?

    Look out for the Calyx a domed eco-friendly building with a turf roof, powered by photovoltaic panels and a biomass generator and used for conferences and functions. The garden’s adjoining tearoom is open Wednesday to Sunday and there’s a small museum about the history of the settlement. 8. Dover Museum