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    12 Best Things to Do in Warwick, Rhode Island

  • Goddard Memorial State Park
  • Rocky Point State Park, Warwick, Rhode Island
  • Oakland Beach, Warwick, Rhode Island
  • Things to Do in Warwick, Rhode Island: Clouds Hill Victorian House Museum
  • Things to Do in Warwick, Rhode Island: Warwick Mall
  • Warwick Lighthouse, Warwick, Rhode Island
  • George B.
  • Warwick Museum of Art, Warwick, Rhode Island
  • What is there to do in the Warwick area?

    Things To Do In Warwick

    • Catch A Movie Under The Stars At The Warwick Drive-In. Built in 1950, there’s a wonderful sense of nostalgia to seeing a movie on one of the three screens at
    • Spend A Day At An Orchard. Fall harvest time gives the Warwick Valley an idyllic, apple-tinted glow.
    • Go Wine And Cider Tasting.
    • Take A Hike.
    • Get A Taste Of The Farm.
    • Explore A Lake.

    What is the population of Warwick RI?

    Warwick, RI has a population of 81,881 and is the 422nd largest city in the United States.

    How many people live in Warwick, RI?

    Warwick (/ˈwɔːrwɪk/) is a city in Kent County, Rhode Island, the second largest city in the state with a population of 82,672 at the 2010 census.

    What is there to do in Warwick, Rhode Island?

    For visitors who enjoy the great outdoors, Warwick offers city and state parks. Goddard Memorial State Park, for example, offers visitors many activities to enjoy, including picnic lunches, horseback rides, and a public, salt-water beach.

    What to do in Warwick?

    Things to Do in Warwick. 1 1. Warwick Valley Winery. 376 reviews. Food & Drink. 2 2. Applewood Winery. 3 3. Masker Orchards. 4 4. Ochs Orchard. 5 5. Pacem in Terris Sculpture Garden. More items

    What are the best places to visit in Warwick?

    Top Attractions in Warwick. 1 1. Rocky Point State Park. 80 reviews. Nature & Parks. 2 2. Goddard State Park. 3 3. Oakland Beach. 4 4. Morris Farm. 5 5. Warwick Public Library. More items

    What are the tourist attractions in Warwick?

    1. Glengallan Homestead & Heritage Centre 2. Morgan Park Raceway 3. Warwick Visitor Information Centre 4. The Warwick and District Historical Society Inc – Museum 5. Warwick Art Gallery 6. Leslie Dam 7. Warwick Rodeo and Campdraft 8. Main Range National park 9. Southern Downs Steam Railway 10. The Criterion Hotel

    What are the best wineries in Warwick?

    Warwick Valley Winery 2. Applewood Winery 3. Masker Orchards 4. Ochs Orchard 5. Pacem in Terris Sculpture Garden 6. Mount Peter 7. Bellvale Farms Creamery 8. Clearview Vineyard 9. Albert Wisner Library 10. Bellvale Market