What to wear to a plastic surgery consultation

Because of this, we recommend you wear a pair of nice, warm socks. You’ll probably have to take your shoes off at some point, and you don’t want to leave your feet exposed. In addition, you should consider bringing a sweater or a jacket to your consultation – one that you can quickly put on or take off.

What to do at a plastic surgery consultation?

You don’t have to “dress to impress” at your plastic surgery consultation! In most cases, you’ll be removing some of your clothing to show your surgeon your areas of concern that you would like to treat. This means that comfortable and loose-fitting clothes are the best choice. They’re easy to remove – and put back on.

What should I wear to a breast surgery?

If you’re looking into breast or body procedures, be sure to wear clothing and underwear that will make disrobing comfortable and practical. (You’ll be asked to undress relevant portions of your body and don a patient gown while the doctor and nurse step out of the room.) Write down any questions you have for the surgeon.

What is cosmetic consultation?

A consultation is equal parts interview, learning experience, and time to see the possibilities of what cosmetic surgery can achieve for you. It’s a two-way conversation that should help you answer three big questions: Is cosmetic surgery the right option for me? If so, which procedure or procedures are appropriate?

What to wear to a medical consultation?

In addition, you should consider bringing a sweater or a jacket to your consultation – one that you can quickly put on or take off. You can cover yourself up after you take off your clothes, or even wear it over a medical gown or robe to keep yourself warm and comfortable.

What to expect during your plastic surgery consultation?

Here is what you should expect from your initial plastic surgery consultation. A professional plastic surgeon will have a portfolio of the procedures he or she has conducted on other patients in the past. If you want to go for silicone implants, you need to see pictures of past patients, before and after their surgery.

Why do some plastic surgeons charge a fee for a consultation?

Plastic surgeons who do charge a consultation fee, on the other hand, typically already have a very busy practice. In this regard, the fee can actually be an indication that this plastic surgeon is established. He or she is experienced and already runs a thriving practice.

How to prepare for a plastic surgery consultation?

Tips to prepare for your plastic surgery consultation Be prepared. Selecting a plastic surgeon should not be taken lightly. After all, this is your body and health on the… Know what you want. I recommend the mirror test. Stand in front of a mirror in a well-lit room and truly look at… You need to be receptive. Remember to keep an open mind. When chosen correctly,… More

What happens during your plastic surgery consultation?

During your consultation with a plastic surgeon, the doctor will review your medical history and ask what you would like changed. It is helpful to be direct. Ethical plastic surgeons do not want to suggest procedures. They want to know exactly what bothers you, so that they can direct the consultation and specifically address your concerns.