Which side to sleep at night as per vastu

As per Vastu, the sleeping direction is a key element. Sleeping with head towards the West-Neutral direction to sleep as per

Vastu shastra

According to Vastu, the guest should be given a room that has a bed rest towards the west. According to the practitioners of Vastu, it’s a neutral sleeping direction.

Which direction to sleep Vastu?

Best Direction to Sleep According to Vastu Shastra

  • Sleeping With Head in North Direction. Among all sleeping directions,…
  • Sleeping With Head in South Direction. All elders and Vastu Shastra experts consider South direction…
  • Head in the East Direction. Sleeping with head in the East direction help a person…
  • Head in the West Direction. Another best…

Which direction should you sleep in?

Also the quality of sleep is best when sleeping in this position. Head in East: Sleeping with head in East direction increases memory, concentration, good health and inclination towards spirituality. Students, as per vastu shastra, must sleep with their head in East direction in order to increase memory, retention power of brain and concentration.

How do you sleep in Vastu Shastra?

Here are a few important Vastu Shastra sleeping tips. Always follow bedroom Vastu and place the bed in the right direction for a sound sleep. Ideally, the bed’s head position as per Vastu should be either towards East or South. Guest room’s bed can be placed with its head in West.

Is south direction good for sleeping?

Which direction should I sleep in Vastu Shastra?

Best Directions to Sleep as per Vastu:-. Head in North: Sleeping with your head in North direction is not recommended by vastu shastra. In fact, as per vastu, one must never keep his head in North while sleeping. Only a dead-body’s head is kept towards North direction.

What direction should I Sleep?

In order to have a sound sleep, follow the sleeping direction according to Vastu Shastra to have a sound sleep. Vastu Shastra sleeping direction rules tells the best direction to sleep for a cozy sleep. Among all sleeping directions, Vastu Shastra considers North direction as the worst direction to sleep.

Which direction should I keep my head while sleeping?

South is considered to be one of the best directions to keep your head while sleeping. Not only this, it is the direction in which Vastu Shastra recommends to place your bedroom in the house. South is the direction ruled by lord Yama – the lord of death and right justice.

What is the best sleeping direction for a bedroom?

South-west and South-east are considered good sleeping directions for the diagonal bedroom directions. The remaining north-west is considered as a neutral sleeping direction as per Vastu. Research-Scientific Study on the sleeping position as per Vastu