Why are my cats eyes so dilated

Your cat’s pupils sound consistently dilated, which can be a sign of her losing her eyesight. Diseases such as kidney or thyroid disease can cause hypertension leading to blindness. Cats can also get primary hypertension.

What causes enlarged pupils in cats?

Enlarged pupils in cats, known as anisocoria, can have many different causes, including injury to the cornea, glaucoma, retinal disease and spastic pupil syndrome. If Kitty’s pupil suddenly becomes enlarged, contact her vet immediately to decrease the chance that her vision will be permanently affected.

Why do some cats have round pupils?

Round pupils in cats can also express: Excitation: when the animal is very excited and/or nervous, for example, during a game session, it is usual to see it with round or elliptical pupils. However, excitement does not always happen because of positive stimuli, since it can also occur due to stress or anxiety.

Why are my cats pupils dilated most of the time?

If your cat is hyper by nature, her pupils are probably dilated more often than not. Younger cats are more prone to dilated pupils caused by excitement than older, more relaxed cats. The key here is timing.

Why do cats have slit-shaped eyes?

Cats have slit shaped pupils that can control the amount of light that gets into the eye in daylight , which keeps it from getting damaged in the daylight and also manages to give more control over how much light reaches the retina. Humans, with our round pupils, don’t have the same abilities.

What causes dilated pupils in cats?

Emotions: When a cat is angry or aggravated, the pupils constrict when it is happy, excited or scared, they dilate. Certain medications: (Atropine, tropicamide, morphine, clonidine, amphetamine) and plants (such as catnip) can cause dilated pupils in cats.

What causes cat eye to be enlarged?

There are several potential causes of an altered pupil size in cats, including inflammation in the frontal region of the eye, increased pressure in the eye, diseases that are focused in the iris tissue itself, a poorly developed iris, scar tissue build up in the eye, medications, or tumors. Diagnosis.

What causes unequal pupil size in cats?

Causes of Unequal Pupil Size in Cats. Unequal pupils can be caused by both neurological (brain or nerves) and ocular (eye) issues. Because the eyes are so closely connected to the brain, often damage and injury of this area affect both parts of the body. All known causes include:

What causes hypertension in cats?

Hypertension may be caused by an underlying condition. The high blood pressure causes retinal detachment, so the cat will no longer be able to see. Diabetes is a condition that is caused by high glucose in the blood and if left untreated, the cat may lose his vision.