Why does my big toe hurt in the joint

Wear flat, stretchable shoes with a wide toe box to allow extra space around the big toe. This will reduce pressure on the bunion. Place a pad over the bunion to prevent rubbing and irritation. Perform stretching exercises to improve joint mobility.

What causes sudden pain in big toe?

Gout is a notorious cause of sudden pain in the big toe joint, along with redness and swelling (seen here). Osteoarthritis is another culprit that causes pain and swelling. If the joint is rigid, it may be hallux rigidus, a complication of arthritis where a bone spur develops.

What are common big toe problems?

A common problem involving the big toe is the formation of bunions. These are structural deformities of the bones and the joint between the foot and big toe, and may be painful. Similar deformity involving the fifth toe is described as tailor’s bunion or bunionette.

Why do my joints hurt so bad?

Tendinitis can cause joint aches. This condition occurs when a tendon becomes irritated, inflamed or swollen. A tendon is a fibrous structure that connects muscles to bones. This condition is most often caused by overuse, aging and trauma.

Why do my big toes hurt under the nail?

Big toe pain can sometimes extend from deep inside the joint; at other times it is localized to the nail. Whatever the cause, big toe pain makes it difficult for many people to remain active. The cause of big toe pain is often an underlying condition, such as gout, or a fracture resulting from trauma.

What are the most common causes of big toe pain?

Most common big toe pain causes Corns, callouses, and blisters. Warts. Ingrown toenails. Gout. Arthritis. ( more items )

What could be causing the pain in your big toe?

Big toe pain is often the result of injury or minor underlying medical conditions. Arthritis, fractures, and gout may all cause big toe pain.

Why does the bottom of your big toe hurt?

The bottom of your big toe may be sore for a few reasons. The two possibilities are sesamoiditis and turf toe. Sesamoiditis is an irritation of tiny bones located in the tendons associated with your big toe.

What causes sharp pain in big toe with purple bruising?

Bruised toes or foot can also be swollen, painful, and often appear purple or blue. A bruised toe can be caused from a broken toe and fracture. A broken foot or ankle can also cause bruises on top of the foot. Read below for more information on causes and treatment options.